Contemporary Singles, Inc. Membership Application & Renewal Agreement

P.O. Box 985

Johnson City, NY  13790-0985


Contemporary Singles is a nonprofit social organization formed for the purpose of promoting friendships through scheduled social activities for any single adult in the Southern Tier and surrounding areas.  Contemporary Singles is not affiliated with any other group or sponsor.  There are no membership requirements other than the annual dues to support the monthly newsletter and its mailing costs, insurance, meeting room fees, and advertising costs.  A minimum age of 21 is also required.  The annual membership fee is $30.00














Birth date (for demographics and birthday wishes   Month              Day


Marital Status


May we call you about events?   Yes                   No


I, the undersigned, in consideration for my acceptance of my application for membership, hereby agree to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws, as may be amended from time to time, of Contemporary Singles, Inc.  Also, for the same consideration, I hereby waive any and all claims which I have, may have, or which may accrue in the future against Contemporary Singles, Inc. , its officers and/or its directors for any and all injuries which I may sustain, or have sustained, to my person or property as a result of any and all events, including but not limited to regular membership meetings, outings and trips, sponsored and/or organized by Contemporary Singles, Inc., its officers and/or its directors.






Email address __________________________________________________________


Please check below what you  are willing to do.  We need help of all our members to make this club a success.


___I am interested in running for a position on the board.  Position: ___________________

___I am willing to host an event in my house/apartment.

            ___House Party             ___Discussion Group                 ___Cards/Games                      

___VCR movie night       ___Other


___I am willing to be responsible for an activity:

___ Movie                      ___ Bowling                   ___ Dinner at a restaurant                       ___ Sunday Brunch       ___ Day trip                        ___ Sports Event